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Sports and Music

Sports and Music

Our role

To nurture youth interest and aspirations within cultural sectors by sponsoring national platforms that showcase the skills and enhance recognition amongst young athletes and performers; improve school facilities and provisions of equipment; and offer valuable mentorship and coaching through partnerships that unlock their full potential.
Sports and Music


  • Socioeconomic disparities contribute to unequal access to extracurricular opportunities and many schools face resource constraints, including inadequate facilities and limited funding.

  • Learners engaged in after school sports and music programmes show improved attendance, academic performance, higher grades, and increased motivation to succeed in school.

  • Participation in extracurricular activities provides students with opportunities to form positive relationships with peers, mentors, and coaches, creating a supportive network that can boost students’ sense of belonging, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Extracurricular activities provide platforms for students to develop leadership skills, as well as other transferable skills such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and problem-solving, empowering them to make positive contributions to their communities.

  • Research indicates that students who participate in extracurricular activities are less likely to engage in risky behaviours such as substance abuse, as they are more likely to be supervised and engaged in constructive activities outside of school hours.
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Sports and Music

Areas of Focus


Motsepe Foundation Championship

Since 2022, the Motsepe Foundation initiated sponsorship of the National First Division, which is the second highest league of South African football. Annually, 16 teams compete in the Motsepe Foundation Championship to win R5 million prize money. The Motsepe Foundation Championship aims to promote sporting excellence and social cohesion in South Africa by providing a platform for talented soccer players to showcase their abilities and compete at a national level.

Teams represent various regions and provinces across South Africa, competing in a series of matches that attracts the best soccer talent from clubs, while offering opportunities to bring communities together, fostering a sense of pride, unity, and social cohesion.

The Motsepe Foundation Championship also has a multifaceted impact on host cities, offering economic value through job creation opportunities, including opportunities for coaches and sports educators to gain experience, develop their skills, and pursue career advancement.

SAFA ABC Motsepe League

The SAFA ABC Motsepe League is a semi-professional soccer league in South Africa, established by the South African Football Association (SAFA) and sponsored by the Motsepe Foundation. The league serves as the third tier of South African soccer. Annually, 144 team compete in the SAFA ABC Motsepe League to win R1.25 million prize money. In the spirit of football development, 20% of the prize money is reserved for a football expansion project, to encourage a game where football clubs lift others as they rise.

The SAFA ABC Motsepe League aims to develop soccer talent at the grassroots level, promote sports excellence, and provide opportunities for aspiring players to progress to higher levels of competition. The league is structured into nine provincial divisions, with teams representing various regions across South Africa. With the ultimate goal of advancing to the higher tiers of South African soccer, the SAFA ABC Motsepe League also emphasises holistic player development and community engagement through initiatives such as educational workshops, health screenings, and community outreach programmes.

Kay Motsepe Schools Championship

The Kay Motsepe Schools Cup is the largest national soccer and netball tournament for high school students in South Africa, named in honour of Kay Motsepe, the late mother of Motsepe Foundation Founder, Patrice Motsepe. The tournament is organised in partnership with the Department of Basic Education and sponsored by the Motsepe Foundation. The Kay Motsepe Schools Cup aims to promote youth sports development and sports excellence by providing a competitive environment for young players to develop their talents, showcase their abilities, and compete against top teams from across the country. Children develop important social skills, learn how to collaborate, and embrace lifelong habits of physical activity and healthy living.

Sanlam Kay Motsepe Schools Football Championship

Open to u19 boys and u13 girls Awards prize money of over R3 million to schools for sports infrastructure, facilities, equipment, and other resources.

Kay Motsepe Schools Netball

Championship Open to u15 girls Awards a trip to compete internationally, and represent South Africa, at the International Youth Netball Challenge in Singapore.


South African Schools Choral Eisteddfod

The South African Schools Choral Eisteddfod (SASCE) is a national choral competition in South Africa, showcasing the vocal talents of students from primary and secondary schools across the country. The word "eisteddfod" is of Welsh origin and refers to a festival or competition celebrating the performing arts. SASCE provides a platform for school choirs to participate in competitive choral performances, where they showcase their singing and performance abilities, musicality, and teamwork. The competition assesses various categories including traditional, contemporary, gospel, and indigenous music, allowing learners to demonstrate their versatility and cultural diversity.

Under the guidance of dedicated choir directors and music educators, the competition promotes cultural exchange and artistic expression, as choirs from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate their shared passion for music. The competition emphasises inclusivity, respect for diversity, and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of South Africa.
Sports and Music

Transformative Power of Music

Sports and Music


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