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Category Gender Equality

14 Apr

3 Intentions to Drive Gender Equality: Lessons from the 2024 GEWAL Summit

Research consistently demonstrates the positive correlation between diversity in leadership and organisational success, which includes resilience during economic disruptions and bottom-line growth.


29 Mar

A Network of Women is Transforming Perspectives and Inspiring Action

A Network of Women is Transforming Perspectives and Inspiring Action Details READING TIME 3 min CATEGORY News The Gender Equality, Wellness, and Leadership (GEWAL) aims to bring marginalised voices to […]


8 Nov

From Workshop to Classroom STEM is Enhancing Education

The Girls in STEM workshops nurture the talents of young learners in science and math, inspiring them toward transformative innovation. The workshops offer a supportive community for girls to connect with peers and women in STEM who mentor and guide them in their journeys.


13 Jul

Motsepe Foundation Sponsors Women Deliver 2023 Conference In Rwanda

The Motsepe Foundation will spotlight the social economy in Africa to the 6,000 community, public and private sector leaders, from around the world, who are in attendance.


2 Jul

Meet the Women Who Have Journeyed from Adversity to Advocacy

The Centre for Gender Equality, Wellness, and Leadership (GEWAL) has encountered remarkable women who have triumphed over challenges and are now dedicated to empowering others to do the same.