In a symbolic pursuit to achieve gender parity, the 2022 Race to Equality took 21km runners on a journey of South Africa’s transformation from Constitutional Hill to the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

Together with 2,000 people, the commemoration of International Women’s Day was structured to accommodate men, women and children for a 5km, 10km and a half-marathon 21km race. Under this light of equality, women and men winners of the 10km and 21km races shared prize money valued at R150 000.

Inspired by the World Economic Forum’s annual Gender Parity Report, which tells us that it will take sub-Saharan Africa 121 years to achieve gender equality, the symbolic purpose of the race is to challenge ourselves to achieve this faster.

Rutendo Nyahora, the 33-year-old Olympic athlete, participated in her first 10km race in 2-years. Recently becoming a mother, her participation in the race was an encouraging dedication to women who feel pressured to put their dreams on hold once they become mothers. Placing second in the race after Cacisile Sosibo, who was the ladies 10km winner, Nyahora’s achievement is proof of motherhood not changing women’s capabilities or their drive to succeed.

The pandemic multiplied suffering and this burden was carried significantly by women – who became children’s caregivers, the frontline workers for the sick, and the essential workers risking their lives for others. It is estimated that during the first year of the pandemic alone, the time it would take us to achieve gender equality grew by 36 years.

This is why the race is a marathon. The Race to Equality is not a sprint. It requires daily, dedicated commitment to make it to the end and win.

Hosted in partnership with Athletics South Africa and the City of Joburg, the race with a purpose was held on Saturday, 12 March at the Marks Park Sports Complex in Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

View the gallery of the day’s events HERE and join us at the Race to Equality again next year.

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