New Chancellor Continues Legacy of Women’s Leadership at UCT

The start of 2020 marked Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe’s appointment as Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, a position she takes over from Mrs Graça Machel. Dr Moloi-Motsepe, the cofounder and CEO of the Motsepe Foundation, plans to use her background in medicine, business and development to support the vision of transformation that UCT has set for itself and its community.

Education, and it’s equal access for all, has been a focal area of Dr Moloi-Motsepe’s mission for the Foundation since its establishment in 1999. Over the years the Foundation has invested in infrastructure and other resources, such as sanitary facilities and computer labs, for primary and secondary schools across the country. These initiatives fall part of the Foundation’s goal to build a South Africa of educated, economically independent and productive young people, many of whom grow up poor and are marginalised by the opportunities present in the education system.

Universities are a hub of knowledge. But as we have seen in recent years, universities are also spaces of progressive commentary around South Africa’s socio-economic and political landscape. Going forward Dr Moloi-Motsepe, in her role as Chancellor, hopes to converge this youthful spirit with her vision for equality, inclusivity and progress.

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