National Day Of Prayer

About The National Day Of Prayer

In November 2017 the Motsepe Foundation and 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations hosted the “2017 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans” which was very successful and attended by more than 100 000 people.

On the 25th of November 2018, more than One hundred and forty thousand people assembled at the FNB Stadium for the “2018 National Day of Prayer for all South Africans”.  The event was again hosted by the Motsepe Foundation and the 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations

The “2018 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans” as in 2017, was attended by prominent South African Kings and Traditional Leaders, representatives of the 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations and their congregations, government and business leaders, representatives from the major political parties in South Africa, as well as representatives from trade union, non-governmental and community-based organisations.

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Countdown To National Day Of Prayer

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Live Performances By

Abathandwa, Joyous Celebration, Lebo Sekgobela

Pray For

God’s guidance, leadership and blessings for a bright future for all South Africans.

Pray For

The creation of jobs, equality of opportunities and the provision of quality education and skills.

Pray For

An end to poverty, corruption and crime, particularly crimes against women and children;

Pray For

The unity of all South Africans of all races and languages.

NDOP Schedule for

25 November 2018

Morning Prayers

Masters of Ceremonies

Mroza from Ukhozi FM | Sebasa Mohale from Thobela FM | Amaza from Umhlobo Wenene FM | Thuso Motaung from Lesedi FM | Sammy Fever from Motsweding FM

8:24 AM

Nazareth Baptist Church Guateng

8:36 AM

Hindu Maha Sabha Band Performance

8:48 AM

United Apostolic Church Performance

9:04 AM

Ubuntu Islam Performance

9:16 AM

Amadodana Ase Weseli Performance

9:28 AM

Abathandwa Performance

9:40 AM

Joyous Celebration Performance

10:00 AM

Sa National Anthem Joyous Celebration – Mc // Mroza (Zulu) / Sebasa Mohale (Pedi)

10:20 AM

Ethiopian Episcopal Church, Bishop Z Myeni

10:25 AM

Salvation Army, Major Carin Holmes

10:30 AM

United Apostolic Church, Father Mokgara

10:40 AM

Resbyterian Christian Apostolic Church, Bishop Reginald Lingoabala

10:50 AM

Nazareth Baptish Church Ginyezinye, Rev Joseph Mhlongo

11:00 AM

Abathandwa Performance

11:05 AM

St Johns Apostolic Faith Mission

11:10 AM

Evangelical Presbyterian Church In Southern Africa, Rev Sph Nyambi

11:15 AM

African Methodist Church, Bishop Kawimbe

11:20 AM

Greek Orthodox Church, Father Ephraim

11:25 AM

Twelve Apostles Church In Christ, Mr E Mthombeni

11:35 AM

Nazareth Baptist Church Gauteng, Inkosi Uphakama

11:45 AM

Tyrannus Apostolic Church, Pastor Thabo Moshebi

11:55 AM

Joyous Celebration Performance

12:05 AM

South African Hindu Maha Sabha, Mrs Pauline Naidoo

12:15 AM

Dutch Reformed Church, Dirkie Van Der Spuy

12:25 AM

South African Council Of Churches, Bishop Mpumlwana

12:35 AM

Nazareth Baptist Church Thembezinhle, Rev Sibisi

12:45 AM

Rhema Choir

12:50 AM

Rhema Ministries, Pastor Ray Macauley

Afternoon Prayers

13:10 AM

Bantu Church Of Christ, Bishop Bolana

13:20 AM

Jamiat Ulama South Africa And Muslim Judicial Council, Moulana Ebrahim Bham And Shaykh Abrahams

13:30 AM

Nazareth Baptist Church Ekuphakameni, Mr Thetha Ngiba

13:40 AM

Union Of Orthodox Synagogues, Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein

13:50 AM

Nazareth Baptist Church Ebuhleni, Rev Nzama

14:00 AM

Joyous Celebration Performance

14:10 AM

Methodist Church Of Southern Africa, Bishop Siwa

14:30 AM

Roman Catholic Church, His Grace Archbishop Tlhagale

14:50 AM

Anglican Church Of Southern Africa, Bishop C May


ZCC Band Performance


Zion Christian Church, His Grace Bishop Dr Be Lekganyane


Concluding Remarks And Expression Of Gratitude By The Chairman And Founder Of The Motsepe Foundation, Dr Patrice Motsepe // Mc Thuso Motaung

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Images From 2018 National Day Of Prayer

Prayers Messages From Our Leaders