Motsepe Foundation and Religious and Faith-Based Organisations 2019 National Day of Prayer for all South Africans

The Motsepe Foundation and the 33 Religious and Faith-Based Organisations also announced the date of the “Motsepe Foundation and Religious and Faith- Based Organisations 2019 National Day of Prayer for all South Africans” (“2019 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans”) which is:

Date: 24 November 2019 Time: 08h00 Venue: FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

The “2017 and 2018 National Days of Prayer for All South Africans” were very successful and were attended by some of the most prominent South African kings and traditional leaders, government and business leaders, representatives from the major political parties in South Africa, as well as representatives from trade union, non-governmental, community-based organisations and more than 200 000 people collectively. They were also live on all the major TV and radio stations in South Africa and in 34 countries on the African Continent.

The “2019 National Day of Prayer for all South Africans” will, inter alia, pray for:

– the unity of all South Africans of all races and languages; – the creation of jobs and the provision of quality education, skills and

training; – an end to violence and crimes committed against women and children

and the abuse of women and children; – an end to poverty, crime and corruption; – compassion, humaneness and the embracing of persons from the African

Continent and other parts of the world; – the land reform discussions to result in land being made available for black people living in the rural and urban areas and to their communities and for a successful and secure future for black and white farmers and for all South Africans.

Everybody is invited to attend the “2019 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans”.

For enquiries contact: Nebo Legoabe Cell number: +27 76 306 5625 Email address:

Roshnee Pillay Cell number: +27 82654 1531 Email address:


Zion Christian Church 2. Catholic Church 3. Anglican Church of Southern Africa 4. The Methodist of Southern Africa (Weseli) 5. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa 6. Dutch Reformed Church 7. The Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) 8. Jamiat Ulama SA 9. Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) Ebuhleni 10. St Johns Apostolic Faith Mission 11. SA Hindu Maha Sabha 12. Old Apostolic Church 13. Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) Ekuphakameni (Inanda) 14. AME (African Methodist Church) 15. Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) Ginyezinye 16. The Greek Orthodox Church 17. St Johns Apostolic Church of Prophecy 18. Bantu Church of Christ 19. Twelve Apostles Christ Church 20. Salvation Army 21. Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) 22. Rhema Ministries 23. Tyrannus Apostolic Church 24. Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) Thembezinhle 25. Nededuitsch Hervormde Church 26. Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (‘UPCSA’) 27. Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) Gauteng 28. Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa 29. Presbyterian Christian Apostolic Church 30. United Apostolic Church 31. Ethiopian Episcopal Church 32. South African Council of Churches (SACC) 33. Evangelical Alliance