Lindelwa Yvette Sambo, Sitintile Secondary School, Kanyamazane, Mpumalanga

Lindelwa Yvette Sambo
Sitintile Secondary School, Kanyamazane, Mpumalanga

I must say that the trip to Canada is by far the most remarkable trip I have ever been on. I got to meet the most venerable individuals.

On the first day we meet Katja Iversen, an extraordinary woman indeed. She and Dr Precious asked us about our hopes and dreams for the future and they also motivated us to keep pushing until we realise our dreams. They also told us that sometimes the going will get tough, but we must not let that dishearten us, instead we must press on, smile through the tears until we conquer.

On the second day, we went to our first session, where young leaders from around the world spoke about the amazing work that they are doing in their respective countries. Others have started initiatives where they help other young people to be movers and shakers and to also take charge and be the drivers of their own lives.

We were also taught about developing sustainable investments because most of the time young people start movements on social media, but they became unsuccessful due to the lack of the essential knowledge that is required to keep their movements unassailable and impactful.

My body my right session was also informative as it outlined most of the issues that are faced by women across the world. They thought us to take charge of our bodies and to be not apologetic about how we dress because we are all in charge of our own bodies. Women especially young girls like us, were thought to not confirm to society expectations but to be ourselves and to also be comfortable in our own skin.

We were also taught to love ourselves, instead of loving the idea of other people loving us. I was taught to be the best possible version of myself while making a difference in other people’s lives. I learnt that if I see an individual in need, I must lend a helping hand as no nation can prosper with half of its population left behind.

The highlight of my trip was going through the suspension because I have an immense fear height.

I am so glad that I was able to face one of my greatest fears ever. I am very grateful to Dr Precious because She was with me, holding my hand every step of the way. She and Mama Nebo gave me the courage to face my fear and overcome it.

I learnt to fail often, fail fast but fail forward and to not let my past failures ruin my future success.