Kay Motsepe Schools Championship


Sponsored by the Motsepe Foundation and Sanlam, the Kay Motsepe Schools Football Cup was launched in 2004 to public, private and independent high schools.

In 2017 a total of 3 442 schools registered and participated in the Kay Motsepe Schools Cup throughout the country. Each province was represented by two teams at the National Championships. The competition carries a prize of R1 000 000 for the winning school team, as well as R600 000, R500 000 and R400 000 for the second, third and fourth schools respectively.


Promoting sports for girls is aligned with one of the Foundation’s broader goals: to advance gender equality and women empowerment. In partnership with the Department Basic Education, the Kay Motsepe Schools Netball Cup provides an opportunity for girls under 15 to participate in a competitive sport.

Young girls in South Africa are often faced with many challenges that deter them from advancing and seizing opportunities. Sport is one way to provide them with much-needed space, support and security. However, generally, female sport does not receive much attention from the private sector as a development and health issue. The Kay Motsepe Schools Netball Cup helps fill this gap.

The Motsepe Foundation has committed R2 million per year for the next 10 years, beginning in 2016, for the development of netball in schools.

Three top winning teams from the national tournament competition qualify to participate in the under-15 international netball tournament in Singapore. Of the three teams that went to Singapore, one came from a disadvantaged community.

The exposure and experience of this team in an international setting has generated a lot of interest in netball and has inspired the girls and others to work towards sporting excellence.