Health and wellness

The mandate of the Motsepe Foundation, and the Centre for Gender Equality, Wellness and Leadership (GEWAL), is to ensure the wellbeing of all South Africans.

The Foundation is committed to a holistic view of health – premising its work on the believe that a healthy, prosperous person is best served by healthy body as well as mind.

Mental Health

The Foundation believes that interventions in mental health interventions are necessary for improving the overall health and security of people, and is vital for national growth and development.

By facilitating wider discourse around mental illness, GEWAL aims to help people help themselves, by spreading awareness around a silent health crisis in South Africa, and at the same time guiding people towards avenues that will improve their livelihoods and outlook on life.

Race to Equality

The Race To Equality embodies the pathway we should collectively follow to build a gender-equal world. It symbolises the countdown and actions necessary over the next decade to make this a reality.

Born out of the globally-adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the race calls for everyday champions to further this agenda through competition as well as collaboration between organisations, governments and civil societies.