Youth Month Summits

The Motsepe Foundation is cognisant of the fact that young South Africans have been at the forefront of the most transformative environmental and social justice campaigns. And it is committed to supporting them in shaping their futures in a post-Apartheid society.

Today, young South Africans, by virtue of being born into democracy, lead drastically different lives. However, in spite of this, inequality in South Africa – created from years of systematic oppression – exists and the youth remain divided across race lines.

As the Black Lives Matter movement gains traction around the world, young South Africans are compelled to question their individual and collective roles in creating a society free from discrimination. By inheriting democracy at birth, the “born frees” have become pioneers of its creation.

The Motsepe Foundation seeks to assist young South Africans along this path through its annual Youth Month Summits, held in June every year. It is a platform for them to explore ways to instil peace, hope, love, trust and respect between their peers, regardless of race, gender, class or sexuality.

key messages of these summits

Fighting for change to create a better tomorrow

Rising through adversity and paving an improved path forward

Youth leading the change and determining their own future

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