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The belief that South Africa’s youth are the next generation of leaders, drivers of innovation and economic development underpins our investment in education, particularly in STEM.


Against this backdrop, we launched our bursary programme in 2013. Targeted at STEM areas, the programme provides full tuition and associated university costs to selected recipients from low-income families, for the full duration of their studies, ranging from four years for engineering students to seven years for medical students.

Over the last three years, the Motsepe Foundation has committed 1 480 bursaries towards tertiary education in 21 universities in South Africa. In 2017, the Foundation spent R55.2 million in bursary funding. Funding provides full university tuition, boarding and prescribed books to recipient students over the duration of their academic programme.

The Motsepe Foundation is currently supporting a total of 597 students, of whom 300 are women, in line with the Motsepe Foundation’s commitment to gender parity in all programme areas.

The first batch of 158 scholarship recipients in various areas of study graduated from universities across South Africa since inception.

The scholarships awarded are grants and are not expected to be repaid.


1 480 bursaries committed since inception of the programme in 2014.

  • The first batch of 173 scholarship recipients, more than half of whom are women, graduated from universities across South Africa in the 2016/2017 academic year.
  • Total of 1 176 of which 597 students currently on bursary programme, of which half are female.


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Recognising that obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and promoting sustainable development, the Motsepe Foundation invests in educational initiatives that have far-reaching impact.