Education and Leadership

Education and

[hcode_blockquote hcode_border_position=”border-left” hcode_border_type=”solid” hcode_blockquote_color=”#0c0c0c” hcode_border_color=”#69c8ca” hcode_border_size=”10px” hcode_responsive_font=”font_lg:25px|line_lg:35px” hcode_responsive_font_content=”font_lg:25px|line_lg:35px”]The late President Mandela left us with profound words of wisdom. He said, “Education is the key that opens many doors” and the Motsepe Foundation has embraced his vision for an educated and prosperous South Africa. At the Motsepe Foundation we are cognisant of the positive impact education has, operating as a force that can break the cycle of poverty and improve people’s wellbeing.[/hcode_blockquote]

Education is a vital pillar for igniting socio-economic growth and boosting the capacity of human-development. Imparting knowledge and skills onto our youth shapes their role in our society as active citizens. The success of the youth enables them to become contributors to our economy by producing goods and services; creating jobs through entrepreneurial enterprises; and actively engaging in democratic processes. Without their participation our economy and processes will become stagnated and their passive societal role becomes a burden that we all bear. 

The Foundation provides bursaries to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who excel in their studies. We believe that the opportunity to receive an education must be extended to everyone who academically earns their acceptance.

A diverse knowledge system will drive our country’s overall progress. The future of work and the Fourth Industrial Revolution predicts that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics sectors (STEAM) will become the fastest-growing industries. By prioritising these highly lucrative sectors, the Foundation emphasises education as a stepping stone to absorbing graduates into fields that are currently under-skilled.

[hcode_blockquote blockquote_icon=”1″ hcode_blockquote_bg_color=”#67c8ca” hcode_blockquote_color=”#ffffff”]“We came from circumstances where our families worked very hard to put us through university. We received support from many people throughout our careers. Our goal in the beginning was to give back to our society by sponsoring students from disadvantaged families who wish to further their studies at universities in SA, and thus set them on a path to personal growth and better outcomes for their families and communities,” says Dr Moloi-Motsepe[/hcode_blockquote]

Additionally, the Foundation supports secondary and primary schools with infrastructure upgrading and refurbishment projects, including libraries, laboratories and sports fields.  We also support with choral music instruments for the schools. Without an environment that nurtures, supports and propels learners toward continuing their studies, the uptake of bursaries in technical subjects would be minimal. 

Through partnerships, the Foundation also encourages social entrepreneurship. By sponsoring an Executive Education programme for African students at Harvard Kennedy School, the Foundation has grown awareness around a business model that uplifts communities out of poverty and gives them access to goods and services.

Our Alumni programme was initiated in 2017, to foster a spirit of community amongst our beneficiaries. Many of the Motsepe Foundation scholars have become leaders in their hometowns, instilling amongst their peers the values of Ubuntu and the importance of education. 

The Motsepe Foundation works with some of the Alumni in our community projects and youth programmes.

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