Education and leadership

“Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy, and sustainable human development.” – Kofi Annan (former UN Secretary-General)

The Foundation is cognisant of the positive impact of education – operating as a force that can break the cycle of poverty and improve wellbeing in society.

The Foundation believes education is a vital pillar of society that will ignite socio-economic growth and boost human development capacity. Through passing knowledge and skills onto its youth a society can shape them into active citizens. As they succeed, these youth will contribute to the economy by producing goods and services, creating jobs and actively engaging in democratic processes.

The Foundation recognises that if the youth cannot participate meaningfully in society, our economy and processes will stagnate, and their passive societal role will become a burden that the whole of South Africa will have to bear.

Acknowledging the need for all stakeholders to play a role in ensuring the youth in South Africa are educated, the Foundation has embarked on programmes seek to assist the disadvantaged youth of South Africa have an equal chance at quality education.

Bursary programme

The purpose of the project and the Motsepe Foundation’s vision is to alleviate poverty and sustainably improve the living conditions of the poor, unemployed and marginalised South Africans.

Since the inception of this programme in 2014, the Foundation has committed bursaries and funding to academically deserving students.

These students form part of The Motsepe Foundation Alumni Programme.

Alumni Programme

The Motsepe Foundation’s Alumni programme was initiated in 2017 to foster a spirit of community among our beneficiaries. The programme was created to support and build our future leaders through connections with various networks and partners.

Some of the graduates have gone on to complete their Post Graduate studies and some have opted to start their working career. Many of the scholars have become leaders in their hometowns, instilling among their peers the values of Ubuntu and the importance of education. 

The Motsepe Foundation also works with some of the alumni in our community projects and youth programmes.

Martha Rose Scholarship for Nursing

The Martha Rose Scholarship, named after Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe’s late mother, funds aspiring nurses in South Africa. An annual allocation of 10 applications was initially made. However, that number has increased to 16 to include psychology students.

Due to the pandemic is has become clear that South Africa is in dire need of nurses and healthcare workers to look after the physical as well as mental health of our people.