Community Partnerships

Through partnerships with 150 Secondary Schools, 106 Primary Schools, 206 Churches and 26 development forums across the country, the Foundation initiates community specific projects.

[vckit_interactive ratio=”169″ heading_thin=”Education ” heading_bold=”and Leadership” description=”The late President Mandela left us with profound words of wisdom. He said, “Education is the key that opens many doors” and the Motsepe Foundation has embraced his vision for an educated and prosperous South Africa. At the Motsepe Foundation we are cognisant of the positive impact education has, operating as a force that can break the cycle of poverty and improve people’s wellbeing.” enable_link=”yes” url=”” custom_class=”vckit_custom_class_105eaf32e6b2b22″ tutorial=”” image=”19776″ color=”#ffffff”]
[vckit_interactive ratio=”169″ heading_thin=”Sports, Music” heading_bold=”and Arts” description=”Sport is another key focus area where the Foundation creates positive impact among young men and women. Young people who participate in sports tend to do well in their studies, they also develop strong physical, mental and social skills as well as future careers.” enable_link=”yes” url=”” custom_class=”vckit_custom_class_105eaf334066b10″ tutorial=”” image=”20422″ color=”#ffffff”]
[vckit_interactive ratio=”169″ heading_thin=”Christmas With ” heading_bold=”our people” description=”The foundation has two outreach programmes, annual Christmas with our people and Christmas Toy Distribution in celebration of Christmas holidays and share the joy of holiday spirits with underprivileged families across the country.” enable_link=”yes” url=”” custom_class=”vckit_custom_class_95eaf330189f52″ tutorial=”” image=”19724″ color=”#ffffff”]
[vckit_interactive ratio=”169″ heading_thin=”MOTSEPE FOUNDATION” heading_bold=” NATIONAL ROADSHOWS” description=”Since 2016, the Motsepe Foundation sponsored 462 beneficiaries, comprising of 150 Secondary Schools, 106 Primary Schools and 206 Churches. The programmes did not only benefit those schools and churches but the surrounding communities as well.” enable_link=”yes” url=”” custom_class=”vckit_custom_class_95eaf33292633e” tutorial=”” image=”20081″ color=”#ffffff”]
[vckit_interactive ratio=”169″ heading_thin=”RELIGIOUS LEADERS, NGOS ” heading_bold=”AND TRADITIONAL LEADERS” description=”Religious leaders, faith-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and traditional authorities play a significant role in helping communities to improve their spiritual, economic and social wellbeing.” enable_link=”yes” url=”” custom_class=”vckit_custom_class_105eaf33db1984b” tutorial=”” image=”20930″ color=”#ffffff”]

Our goal is to make a difference to poor, marginalised communities within our Development Forums areas in all nine provinces in South Africa. We achieve this by supporting sustainable projects that benefit these communities.

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe