National Roadshows


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A total of 222 beneficiaries (54 primary and 65 secondary schools) and 103 churches benefited from the initiative in 2017.


The Motsepe Foundation works with communities through its churches and anchor schools within the areas in which the 26 Development Forums are situated in all South Africa’s nine provinces. The forums comprise members of each community who are elected by the community, as well as religious and traditional leaders, NGOs, business leaders and members of the private sector.

This inclusive approach is premised on the belief that communities are in touch with their own issues and are therefore better positioned to understand their unique challenges and identify projects that meet their specific needs. This empowers communities themselves to take the lead and enables us to set priorities in collaboration with them. It also creates community ownership of the development projects, thereby ensuring their sustainability and strengthening community-driven development.

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Priority is given to funding programmes and projects that are sustainable, create jobs within the communities and address poverty alleviation.


The focus is on areas that have the potential to effect long-term change, such as education, women and youth empowerment, as well as community-based projects.

In 2017, various projects were identified by schools and churches within communities for support, mainly for the refurbishment of school buildings and churches, upgrading of sport facilities and playgrounds, as well as the purchase of furniture and computers.

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Every year, the Motsepe Foundation trustees, led by Mr Motsepe and Dr Moloi-Motsepe, tour the country visiting each province to meet with the members of Development Forums and the communities they serve to conduct open question and answer sessions.

The roadshows enable us to:

  • review progress, challenges and potential areas for improvement;
  • hear first-hand from the leaders and communities themselves on the work of the Motsepe Foundation; and
  • allow communities to discuss challenges and identify projects they would like the Motsepe Foundation to support.

A review of the effectiveness of the forums was undertaken in 2016 including direct engagement with beneficiary communities. Feedback was that assistance should be channelled at a grassroots level. We have responded to this plea by identifying schools and churches in the community through which development initiatives will be channelled.

As places of upliftment, schools and churches are often the nexus of every community, bringing people together to engage with one another. Churches also look after the elderly, the orphaned and the youth. They run feeding schemes and various activities that support our people on the ground.

In addition, schools have well-established institutional structures and are places of upliftment for communities across the country.

The Motsepe Foundation has identified the top 10 primary and top 10 secondary schools within the areas where Development Forums are already established. One anchor school in each area will host the Motsepe Foundation Development Forum for an initial period of two years.