Busisiwe Khauoe, Protea Glen, Soweto, Gauteng

Busisiwe Khauoe
Protea Glen, Soweto, Gauteng

Sometime ago during lunch break at school, my friend and I passed by a group of teachers (Dep. Principal, MISS ZULU was there also). They called us over, MISS ZULU then went on to hug me and said, “So, you’re the one? ” I had no idea as to what was going on, but at that point, if I really had to answer, I’d have said “Oh Yes I Am🙋️”. My first thought was, “Oh My Goodness International Bursary! ” Little did I know how close I was.

Fast forward, we arrive In Vancouver. “Guys, we need to get to the Convention Centre ASAP, Dr. P is waiting on you and wants you guys to meet someone.” I couldn’t think straight, I was sooooo jet lagged, but hey, let’s go for it. When we got there, boom, she’s with this friendly lady, in my mind I’m like, ” Ooookay, still worth it.” Then Boom, she’s introduced as KATJA IVERSEN. Now, I know I did my research, quick math in my head told me that she is the President and CEO of the Women Deliver Conference. Oh, My Goodness, we’re in the presence of greatness, who would’ve thought? I mean, I knew something like this would happen -not necessarily with her- I just didn’t think it’d be this soon.

Mrs IVERSEN told us her story over tea. What I realized was that most activists have had a personal lash out of the issue they’re being active against. Now, BUSISIWE KHAUOE, who am I? Nothing’s ever happened to me, I’ve always been under my parents’ sweet shadow. Is this just a hobby to me? If not, what’s going to keep me going for long? How am I going to fight this injustice till the end? I’m sure I need motivation, right? I had those questions for quite some time. Eventually I found the answer. I am what my people are. I am a representative of where I come from.

I’ve always wanted to work in the Entertainment Industry, as an actress, a producer, a director, you name it. However, I was never intrigued by the idea of always being on fantasies, rom-coms and so forth. In my mind, they’re all so overrated. So, I had a dream with no plan. That was until we attended a session on ACTIVISM. I remember one of the speakers saying, “Activism isn’t just posting on social media and lobbying. Activism looks like anything that disrupts any form of oppression.” That was how and when my plan was delivered. I knew exactly how and what to use my POWER for.

Our stories make us who we are, and they are what we can offer to the world and the generation succeeding ours. I know I wouldn’t want my generation to be remembered as a generation of the most lit Twitter wars only. I also wouldn’t want the world to refer to SOUTH AFRICA as the country with the most vibe because we are way beyond that. I want to put shame to the phrase “Ungaboneka izimpahla zakho ezingcolile phandle ukuze izwe lonke lizibone.”

At the begging of this month I used my power and the knowledge I received at the conference to address the Gauteng Legislature Children’s Parliament about the importance of balancing programs aimed at both boys and girls. AND THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING!